Haomei is the top quality five bar aluminum tread plate factory in China, we supply 1060, 3003, 5083 aluminum tread plate 5 bars. Because the main purpose of the aluminum tread plate is widespread, the demand is very large. Like the 5 bars aluminum tread plate, 3 bars aluminum tread plate, and diamond aluminum plate that are commonly used by people, they are often used on the factory floor, decoration and other levels. They can also be used in household furniture, household appliances, large trucks and their shipbuilding industries. This has caused many manufacturers in China to appear.

five bar aluminum tread plate factory

Because of the technical differences, the quality of 5 bars aluminum tread plate is uneven. As a customer, how to choose high quality 5 bar aluminum tread plate? The following can be used as a reference for people to choose the five bar aluminum tread plate factory:

1, The quality must meet the requirements of national industry standards.

The thickness of the selected high-quality five bar aluminum tread plate, its thickness, compressive strength, air oxide film thickness, etc. should meet the national industry standards, and can refer to the national industry standard for aluminum and aluminum alloy plates (GB/T 3618-2006). If it fails to meet the standard, it is a fake aluminum plate.

2, Look at the surface condition of the aluminum tread plate.

Good quality 5 bars aluminum tread plate have different finished products because of different materials selection. People can see from the surface layer that the high-quality aluminum tread plate is smooth and bright, the lines are clear and tidy, the plate is flat, and the surface layer is free of oil stains and scratches. Injuries, folds and other shortcomings. And the inferior aluminum tread plate is mostly made of waste aluminum, and the finished product is manufactured. The surface is dull, the texture is unclear, the surface is uneven, and the characteristics are not qualified. People can recognize it in appearance.

3, Look at the quotation of aluminum tread plate products.

According to different raw materials, the five bar aluminum tread plate can be divided into pure aluminum tread plate and aluminum alloy tread plate. The prices of these two kinds are different of five bar aluminum tread plate factory. The price of alloy aluminum tread plate is higher than that of pure aluminum tread plate. The price of the same high-quality aluminum tread plate is different because of the different production and processing. The price of all normal high-quality aluminum tread plates is 20%-30% higher than that of the inferior aluminum tared plates. When customers buy goods, if the price of the selected manufacturer is significantly lower than the price, people should pay attention to prevent gains and losses.