21 Nov 2022
November 21, 2022

Drill Entry Sheet For PCB

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The drill entry sheet for pcb is constructed by itself and has the following characteristics: excellent thermal conductivity, single-sided copper binding, devices can only be placed on the copper-bound surface, and electrical wiring holes cannot be opened, so jumpers cannot be placed as single-sided.

drill entry sheet for pcb

SMD devices, switch tubes, and output rectifier tubes are generally placed on aluminum entry sheet based PCB boards to conduct heat out through the substrate. The thermal resistance is very low, and high reliability can be achieved. The transformer adopts a plane patch structure, and can also dissipate heat through the substrate, and its temperature rise is lower than the conventional one. The same specification transformer adopts an drill entry sheet for pcb structure to obtain greater output power. Aluminum-based PCB jumpers can be handled by bridging. The aluminum drill entry sheet power supply is generally composed of two printed boards, and the other board is placed for the control circuit, and the two boards are integrated through physical connection.


Due to the excellent thermal conductivity of the aluminum drill entry sheet for pcb, it is difficult to solder a small amount by hand, and the solder cools too quickly, which is prone to problems. There is a simple and practical method. ), turn it over, iron the side up, fix it, adjust the temperature to about 150°C, put the aluminum based PCB on the iron, heat it for a period of time, and then paste and solder the components according to the conventional method. It is suitable for easy soldering. If it is too high, the device may be damaged, and even the copper skin of the aluminum based PCB drill entry sheet will peel off. If the temperature is too low, the soldering effect will not be good. It must be controlled flexibly.