05 Sep 2022
September 5, 2022

Diamond Checker Plate Supplier

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Diamond checker plate supplier in China produce high quality aluminum diamond plate with checkered pattern and beautiful appearance. The diamond checker plate aluminium is a hot-rolled high value-added product, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, large surface friction and good anti-skid performance, and is widely used in construction, transportation, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, etc. The surface pattern of diamond checker plate is a pointer pattern like diamond, that is the name origin of diamond aluminum plate.

diamond checker plate suppliers

In the process of developing the aluminum checker plate, in order to continuously explore the process and make steady progress, diamond checker plate supplier first develop the thicker diamond aluminum checker plate of 5.0mm to 7.5mm, which is produced in a straight line and with stable quality. With the expansion of the market, orders for 1.5mm ~ 3.0mm thin diamond aluminum plate surged. With decades years developing, the 3003, 5052 and 6061 aluminum diamond plate have widely applied on the market with thickness of 1.5-10mm, besides of diamond pattern(1 bar pattern), there ar eother patterns like, 2 bars, 3 bars, 5 bars, hammered, rice grain and so on.


Among the many diamond checker plate suppliers in China, due to different conditions, the aluminum diamond checker plate produced are very different, so the prices of aluminum diamond plate are also quite different. However, the domestic prices of aluminum ingots are basically the same. Such a large price difference must be very different. It is forbidden to buy substandard products at the price and regret it later. Look at the service of diamond checker plate manufacturer. From a diamond aluminum plate manufacturer’s production line to a company’s workshop, there are many steps in the packaging, loading, shipping, storage and dismantling process. Aluminum checker plate will inevitably have defects such as oxidation and scratches. Large-scale aluminium checker plate suppliers will provide users with the high quality product and good protection measures.