Haomei Aluminum is a famous decorative aluminum sheet metal manufacturer in Henan Province, China. We do not only offer high quality decorative aluminum sheet product, but also since service in the entire process. Aluminum panel sheet and aluminum checker plate are one of the excellent building decoration materials. It has exquisite and unique patterns and beautiful colors. In addition to the common advantages of ordinary aluminum sheets, its rigidity is increased by 20%, and its anti-dirt, anti-scratch and anti-scratch capabilities are improved, especially the three-dimensional patterns and beautiful colors are added, make buildings glow. It is a unique building decoration product in every country.

decorative aluminum sheet metal manufacturer

Aluminum and aluminum alloy corrugated sheets are widely used decorative materials in the world. They are mainly used for wall decoration and can also be used for roofing. The surface can have various colors after chemical treatment. It has the most light reflection ability and is very durable. It does not need to be replaced after 20 years of use in the atmosphere. The corrugated board after relocation and disassembly can still be reused. The decorative aluminum sheets have a reflectivity of 75% – 90% for white light, and a heat reflectivity of 85% – 95%. Good corrosion resistance in ammonia, sulfur, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, phosphorous acid, concentrated nitric acid and concentrated acetic acid.


The aluminum decorative sheet is characterized by light weight (only 3/10 of that of steel), and has many colors such as silver and white. It has both decorative effect and strong ability to reflect sunlight. It is fire-proof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, and can be used for more than 20 years in the atmosphere. The aluminum sheet removed after relocation can still be reused. Aluminum alloy corrugated sheets are widely used in building decoration. It is suitable for decoration of walls and roofs of buildings such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.