29 Jan 2023
January 29, 2023

Dark Grey Anodized Aluminum

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Dark grey anodized aluminum is a kind of common seen color anodized aluminum product which applied to our daily life. Besides of grey color anodized aluminum, we Haomei Aluminum also produce red anodized aluminum, gold anodized aluminum, white anodized aluminum, blue anodized aluminum, bronze anodized aluminum and so on.

dark grey anodized aluminum

The dark grey anodized aluminum and other color anodized aluminum have better performance than ordinary aluminum sheet product. So the price of anodized aluminum sheet is higher than ordinary aluminum sheet. The difference between anodized aluminum sheet and ordinary aluminum sheet are listed as:

Difference 1: The surface quality of anodized aluminum sheet is stronger. If you are not careful during the whole process of manufacturing or transportation, it is easy to cause unevenness on the surface of the aluminum sheet. Anodized aluminum sheets are much stronger than ordinary aluminum sheets, whether it is smoothness or The flatness must be better than that of ordinary aluminum sheets. The direct reason for this is that the production process of anodized aluminum sheet is more exquisite, and it is suggested that it is caused by the surface treatment.


Difference 2: There are many colors, and the decorative art design is good. Most of the general aluminum sheet that you usually see are one color dark grey, while the colors of anodized aluminum sheet are much more diverse, which is more conducive to everyone’s understanding of colors. The requirements, especially the surface design and decoration of buildings, are the reasons why aluminum sheet manufacturers love this product.


Difference 3: Long service life. The anodized aluminum sheet is coated to promote the formation of an isolated steel protection layer between the aluminum sheet and the outside world. Therefore, the anti-rust treatment of the anodized aluminum sheet is very good, and it can improve the service life. In addition, the addition of a coating also makes the surface of the material more and more wear-resistant.


Difference 4: Good manufacturing performance. The dark grey anodized aluminum can be bent, and the manufacturing performance is much better than that of ordinary aluminum sheets. Enterprises can make different specifications and models according to different requirements to avoid extravagance and waste. And its anti-aging is also very good, no matter what temperature standard it can be used normally, and it can be used for a long time despite the impact of acid rain, which cannot be guaranteed by ordinary aluminum sheet.