With the continuous development of the aluminum sheet industry, there are more and more types of aluminum sheet. Brushed aluminium sheets is one of new type aluminum sheet. Although it is a new type, the application of the brushed aluminum sheets is very extensive. So the development of the brushed aluminum sheet is quite fast and the demand in the market is increasing. Here we can find some typical applications of brushed aluminum sheets.

brushed aluminium sheets

1, manufacturing aluminum plastic plate material
Among the aluminum sheets, there is aluminum-plastic sheets, to process brushed aluminum plastic sheets is one of the main uses of brushed aluminum sheets. Because it has better resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, many fire-proof plates are made from this type of materials.
2, architectural and home decoration materials
For home decorating, the brushed aluminium sheets has big effort. The ceilings, appliance and cabinets can be manufactured through it. The use of brushed aluminum will not only ensure longer use time, but also give a very beautiful effect. In addition to the contribution to the manufacture of some other items like exterior wall cladding, it not only has good decoration effort, but also provide fire resistance, corrosion resistance effort. The buildings with brushed aluminum sheets wall decoration has great appearance, easy to clean and long last period.