07 May 2024
May 7, 2024

Blue Anodized Aluminum Sheet

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Blue anodized aluminum sheet is a specially treated aluminum sheet whose surface is formed by anodizing technology to form a hard and dense aluminum oxide film with a beautiful blue color. The blue anodised aluminium sheet are mainly processed from 3000 series, 5000 series and 6000 series aluminum sheet, like 3003, 5052, 6061 aluminum sheet with the thickness of 0.6-2mm.


The blue anodized aluminum sheet has many advantages:


The surface of blue anodised aluminum sheet shows a unique blue color, which is highly decorative and can be widely used in building decoration, home decoration and other fields.

Abrasion resistance:

The presence of aluminum oxide film makes the surface of anodized aluminum sheet with high hardness and abrasion resistance, which can effectively prevent surface abrasion and scratches.

Corrosion resistance:

The aluminum oxide film can effectively prevent the metal material from being eroded and oxidized by the external environment, so the blue anodized aluminium sheet has good corrosion resistance.

Environmentally friendly:

Compared with the traditional electroplating technology, anodizing technology does not require the use of any harmful substances, which is not harmful to the environment and human health.

Blue anodized aluminum sheet

The manufacturing process of blue anodized aluminum sheet mainly includes the following steps:


Clean the oil, dust and other impurities on the surface of aluminum sheet to ensure the effect of anodic oxidation.

Acid washing:

Soak the aluminum sheet in acidic solution for acid washing treatment to remove the oxide skin and oxides on the surface of the aluminum sheet to improve the anodic oxidation effect.


Put the aluminum sheet into an anodic treatment tank, by applying DC power supply, electrolytic reaction is carried out in the anodic treatment tank, so as to form an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum sheet.


Through electrolytic coloring or chemical coloring technology, make the oxide film show blue color.


The colored aluminum plate is put into the sealing liquid to close the micropores within the oxide layer to improve the corrosion resistance and sealing performance of the aluminum plate.


Blue anodized aluminum sheet is widely used in construction, home, electronics, aviation and other fields, such as curtain walls, doors and windows, partitions, electronic product shells, aircraft parts and so on.