28 Dec 2020
December 28, 2020

Black Anodized Aluminum Sheet

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The black anodized aluminum sheet 5052 is widely used in decoration industry with perfect performance. When it comes to metal decorative panels, the first reaction of many friends is aluminum and stainless steel. As the country advocates the use of environmentally friendly fire-resistant decorative materials, and the production technology and surface treatment of metal decorative materials are gradually mature and realistic, metal decorative materials replace traditional decorations. The material is only a matter of time.

black anodized aluminum sheet

We often hear about anodized aluminum sheets, but most people know a little bit about it, and they still don’t have a thorough understanding of its processing technology. Anodized aluminum sheet refers to the aluminum sheet that has undergone anodizing treatment. It is based on the principle of electrochemistry. When the material is in an electrolyte solution, a dense oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum sheet, which is called anodized surface of the aluminum sheet. After anodizing, the aluminum sheet has obvious improvement in wear resistance, corrosion resistance and surface hardness. After oxidation and coloring treatment, it has a good decorative effect.


Application of black anodized aluminum sheet:

Before explaining, let’s take a look at what aspects of anodized aluminum plate can be used.

1, Apply to shop facade decoration

2, Used in interior decoration

3, Used in outdoor decoration

4, Applied to refrigerator air duct panel

5, Used in crafts packaging

6, Applied to hardware decoration

7, Used in auto parts decoration


It can be seen that the scope of application of black anodized aluminum sheet is very wide. The novel design improves the grade of the product and the entire space. The creative texture can catch the public’s attention. The diversified colors are more in line with modern aesthetics.