02 Apr 2022
April 2, 2022

Aluminum For Vehicle License Plate

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We HAOMEI ALUMINUM offer prime aluminum for vehicle license plate with pure aluminum 1100 grade and accurate thickness. The vehicle license plate material is made of aluminum material with a thickness of more than 1.0mm, the aluminium for license plate can be produced in coil and sheet type. The vehicle licence is made of 1100 aluminum plate of the 1000 series aluminum after deep drawing. The thickness of the vehicle licence aluminum plate is consistent and the quality is good. The effect is better after oxidation, compared with the natural oxide film of aluminum alloy, its corrosion resistance, wear resistance and decoration are obviously improved and improved.

aluminum for vehicle license plate

The aluminum for vehicle license plate offed by Haomei Aluminum in from of aluminum rolls, its flatness is highly required, there is no composite high temperature indentation on the surface of aluminum coil, there is no residual stress on the surface of the aluminum coil, and it is not easily deformed after shearing. The aluminum sheet for vehicle licence plate uses aluminum alloy with good anti-corrosion performance. Now the aluminum roll used in the vehicle licence plate are all oxidized, which can prevent rust and not easy to corrode. The process steps of vehicle licence plate aluminum roll are unwinding, pinch feeding, tension, degreasing, water washing, light extraction, water washing, oxidation, conduction, water washing, sealing, water washing, drying, shearing, deviation correction and winding.


The 1100 aluminum for vehicle license plate produced by Haomei Aluminum are generally used in: making vehicle license plates, utensils, heat sinks, bottle caps, printing plates, building materials, heat exchanger components, and can also be used as deep-drawing products. Various vehicle license plates can be produce by 1100 aluminum sheet, and 1100 aluminum plate belongs to the series of pure aluminum plates, its strength is relatively low, and it has excellent ductility, formability, weldability and corrosion resistance; after anodization, the corrosion resistance can be further improved, and a beautiful surface can be obtained at the same time. So the price of 1100 aluminum sheet for vehicle license plate is not high, and it is welcomed in the market.