Aluminum corrugated sheet is a new type of aluminum sheet roofing material, which is cold-formed into various wave types after rolling. With the rapid development of economy, corrugated aluminum sheets also enter large-scale public buildings from industrial buildings. The application technology and range of corrugated aluminum sheets are constantly expanding. With many application advantages, the aluminum corrugated sheet stand out in the metal roofing materials.

aluminum corrugated sheet

1. Energy saving
The corrugated aluminum sheet is light in weight, which is better used for roofing and less pressure to the buildings.
2. Strong rigidity
Because the corrugation height is large, the cushioning property is good, the cross-sectional size is large and the edge compressive strength is correspondingly increased. The number of corrugated is large, and there are many support points in the plane, the flat compressive strength will be correspondingly improved. With proper rigidity properties, its corrugated composite space can provide shock absorption and sound insulation.
3. No color difference
The aluminum corrugated panel uses spraying process to solve the chromatic aberration problem. It can be used for secondary processing such as anti-corrosion, embossing, painting and printing. Its decorative effect is better, the surface can enhances the overall decorative effect of the building.
4. Easyinstallation
The installation process and technology of aluminum corrugated sheet are easier.