The corrugated aluminum sheet, also called press-type aluminum plate, aluminum corrugated plate and corrugated aluminum plate, are various wave-type pressure plate rolled by cold-bend. The corrugated aluminum sheet are suitable for used in industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, roofs with long-span structures, wall surfaces, interior and exterior wall decorations, etc., As the most famous type in aluminum roofing sheet, aluminum corrugated sheet can be coated with different color to meet more requirement for application, therefore, coated aluminum corrugated aluminum sheet is favored by more and more industries.

corrugated aluminium sheet

The corrugated aluminum sheet has the advantages of lightweight, high-strength, rich in color, and easy to construct, earthquake proof, fire, rain prevention and other characteristics. The cost of aluminum corrugated sheet is a little high, but the waste accounted for 80%, so the waste can be recycled and the value is high. The service life of corrugated aluminum sheet is ten years or even twenty years. The width of aluminum corrugated sheet in the market is generally 600-1200mm, dedicated to the construction of roof, wall retaining panels. Because of its good plasticity, it can better meet the requirements of a variety of architectural modeling, beautiful appearance, color durability, environmental protection. Haomei Aluminum focus on aluminum roofing sheet market all over the world, we have export thousands on tons every month, if you have request, please contact us by email to to get quotation.