Aircraft-grade aluminium sheet plate are mainly used to produce aircraft fuselage, wing, tail wing and skins. These parts are usually directly milled using a high-strength aluminium plate to reduce manufacturing costs, reduce body weight and facilitate management. If the aluminium plates are not thick enough, these large parts cannot be cut at all. The thickest aluminum plates required are up to 200mm, while the performance requirements such as corrosion resistance, high strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, easy machining (polishing, cutting, etc.), and the technical requirement is extremely high.

aluminium sheet plate

When applied in aircraft industry, it is required that the aluminum plate must be thick enough, and the quality of aluminum plates with thickness over 6 mm will be affected by the processing and components. The 1.2-million-ton tension stretcher can be used to stretch aluminum plates with a thickness of 250 mm, which greatly increases the production capacity of aluminum plates in China. With the technology improved, China aluminum sheet plate has more application in aircraft industry. Used in high level industry need more advanced processing technology, the aluminium sheet plate suppliers in China have focus on the production line and precision device, quality improved and fast production, safe packing and low cost, with so many advantages, China aluminium sheet plate will be more and more welcomed in the world market and make effort in aircraft industry.