Reflective aluminum mirror sheet has high reflectivity over 85% and can be widely used in lighting reflectors and lighting decoration. When buying aluminium reflector sheet for lighting, many people will pay attention to whether the thickness of aluminum sheets meets the requirements, and will buy relatively thick aluminum sheets to use, this is consider in the aspect of thickness to guarantee the quality. However, in order to truly ensure that the quality of the purchased aluminium reflector sheet, it is not enough to focus on the thickness, it is also necessary to pay attention to the process quality.

aluminium reflector sheet for lighting

When you purchase the mirror aluminum sheet, observe the process quality. On the one hand, you need to see how the aluminum plate is cast and the production process effect. According to this situation, by selecting the reflective aluminum mirror sheet with good production effect, the quality of the purchased aluminum plate substrate is reliable. On the other hand, it is necessary to see how the surface treatment process of the mirror aluminum plate is. Specifically, it is necessary to observe whether there is defect on the surface of the aluminum sheet plate, whether it is flat enough, can show a uniform bright color, and there is no defect. The quality of the aluminum plate is ensured by selecting an aluminum plate with a good surface treatment effect The performance effect of the aluminium reflector sheet for lighting is mainly determined by the high reflectivity for light, we can use the professional testing tools to judge the quality. The high quality 1060, 1070 and 3003 aluminum reflector sheets are usually used in lighting industry, and Haomei are well known aluminum mirror sheet supplier in China, we can supply the reflective aluminum sheet cover your requirements with reasonable price and high quality.