17 May 2022
May 17, 2022

Aircraft Skin Aluminum Alloy 2024

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The aircraft skin aluminum alloy of conventional aircraft is mainly aluminum-magnesium alloy, common seen are 2024 and 2A12. And some high-performance aircraft will use titanium alloy or composite material as skin making material. The performance of aluminum alloy is very good, because the weight of aluminum alloy is very light, relatively speaking, the metal is not so lively, and it is easy to process, so most of the current military aircraft and civil aircraft in the world use aluminum alloy for the manufacture of aircraft skins.

aircraft skin aluminum alloy

2024 aircraft skin aluminum alloy has become one of the most widely used aluminum alloy materials in the aviation industry due to its high strength, low specific gravity, good heat resistance and good machinability. 2024 aluminum alloy can be used as aircraft skin. Based on its shape, aircraft alloy can be divided into single curvature skinning, hyperbolic skinning and complex shape skinning.

Single-curvature aircraft skins, as the name suggests, are relatively simple in shape, with curvature in only one direction, and are mostly used for aircraft fuselage and wings.

Hyperbolic aircraft skins are drawn in both directions and are generally used in most air intakes and parts of aircraft.

Complex shape aircraft skins, literally, are used on parts such as the hood and wingtips.


The riveting process is adopt to aircraft skin aluminum alloy and skin making, it is relatively simple, has high stability, and is more convenient for maintenance. The aircraft is generally larger in size, and the riveted aircraft skin can be removed and repaired during aircraft maintenance without destroying the entire aircraft structure. Haomei Aluminum offer best selling 2024 aluminum alloy for aircraft skin making, we also provide other aluminum alloy for other aircraft part processing, the aircraft alloy can represent the manufacturing strength of aluminum processing enterprise, ISO and SGS certificate are available.