Aircraft 7075 aluminum alloy is the most typical aviation super-hard aluminum, which is an AL-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy. Nowadays, the aerospace equipment is constantly moving towards lightweight, long life and high reliability, and its service performance is becoming increasingly extreme. The research and manufacture of high-performance light aluminum alloy monolithic components with complex structures is one of the effective ways to leapfrog development of aerospace equipment.

aircraft 7075 aluminum alloy

7075 aluminum alloy is the main material for the key structure of aerospace vehicles, 7075 alloy is an aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper heat-treppable high-strength deformed aluminum alloy. It can be used to process all semi-finished products, a wide variety of structural components, especially aerospace structural components. 7075 aluminum alloy is the most widely used high-strength aluminum alloy today, as large as the C919 large aircraft front fuselage long, passenger observation window frame forgings, medium machine body bends and long squats, keel beam webs, floor turn beams, mid-rear fuselage long squats, passenger observation window frame forgings, cargo door frames, front frame pressure heads, hatch frames, etc.; small to the phone case.


7075 aircraft aluminum alloy has a variety of heat treatment conditions: T6, T73, T76, T77. T6 state material has the highest mechanical strength properties, but the fracture toughness is low, sensitive to stress corrosion, and its toughness decreases with temperature. Therefore, T6 state material is not suitable for manufacturing low temperature structural parts and workpieces; T73 material has the lowest strength However, it has a relatively high fracture toughness, good resistance to stress cracking and flaking corrosion resistance; T76 material has higher strength than T73 material and higher resistance to stress corrosion cracking than T6 material. The static strength properties of Aircraft 7075 aluminum alloy are higher than those of 2024 and 2124 alloys, and the fatigue properties are comparable.