7075 aluminum sheet

7075 aluminum plate sheet belongs to Al-Zn-Mg-Cu super hard alloy is a kind of cold forging processing, high strength, high hardness, far better than mild. The alloy has good mechanical properties and anode reaction, which is a typical aluminum alloy material used in aerospace industry.


Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)




O、T6、T651 0.2-300 <1500 <8000


Final usage: High son ball head, mold, aircraft landing gear, etc.

1, After the elimination of stress, processing will not deformation, warping. All super thick 7075 aluminum plate by ultrasonic detection, can ensure no blisters, impurities. 7075 aluminum plate of high thermal conductivity, can shorten the molding time, improve work efficiency.

2, 7075 aluminum plate sheet has good physical properties, processability and corrosion resistance is good, the use of age hardening can get high strength;

3, Even if the natural aging, 7xxx alloy can also achieve a very high strength, low sensitivity to crack;

4, The welding part of the heat effect, due to the heating was dissolved, so after the natural aging, the strength can be restored, so as to improve the strength of the weld seam.

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