2A11 aluminum sheet

2A11 aluminum alloy plate sheet Al-Cu-Mg Aluminum Alloy, is a kind of high strength aluminum alloy, heat treatment can be strengthened, and just in quenching hardened state plastic medium, spot welding, quenching and cold hardening after the cutting performance is good, in order to improve the corrosion resistance of anodic oxidation treatment and ordinary painting method or with the aluminum surface layer, as the common military use of aluminum and aluminum aerospace.


Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)


plate sheet

T4、T6、T351 0.3-600 800-2600 500-16000


Final product: The frame, wing, etc.

1, 2A11 aluminum plate sheet is a high-strength aluminum, widely used in military, aerospace and other fields;

2, 2A11 aluminum plate sheet the spot welding is good, after quenching and cold hardening, the machinability is good;

3,2A11 aluminum plate sheet no oil, no aluminum surface waves, no scratches, no roller, uniform cutting edges and burr;

4, Haomei aluminum has been awarded the “weapons and equipment quality management system certification” and “China Classification Society factory accreditation certificate” for the Ming and Qing military escort with high quality aluminum;

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