As a typical 5000 series aluminum alloy, 5182 aluminum sheet is the main aluminum alloy products of cans rings. At the same time, the other parts of the cans are also different types of aluminum products, such as 3004, 5052 used for cans bottom, 5052 for the cans cap, 3004 for cans body. For different parts have different requirements of the aluminum alloy strength, elongation and others, so the use of alloys are not the same. 5182 aluminum sheet as core aluminum products for cans, what are the top three advantages?

5182 aluminum sheet

Firstly, high hardness, smooth surface and suitable for processing. 5182 is a high-magnesium alloy, the main alloy is aluminum and magnesium, it is non-heat treatment alloy, with good strength, corrosion resistance, good machine-ability and other characteristics. With good surface finish, it is very suitable for post-section, slices and other post-processing. Secondly, uniform thickness, plate type formation, durable. 5182 aluminum sheet with flat type to ensure the latter processing stability. The thickness control is extremely accurate, can guarantee ± 0.005mm thickness tolerance, fully meet customer needs. Lastly, light weight, heat, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and durable. Using aluminum alloy as material, aluminum cans not only have advantages of light wight, heat resistance, good conductivity, tasteless, non-toxic and good printing, but also resist acid and alkali corrosion, durable, recyclable, economic and environmental protection. So 5182 aluminum sheet has been the ideal material for processing aluminum cans ring.