11 Apr 2022
April 11, 2022

Triple Grip Aluminium Sheet

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The triple grip aluminium sheet is an uncommon product in the aluminum checker plate derivative product series. At present, there are only application cases of triple grip aluminum sheet in fire trucks, and the rest are ordered by foreign users. The height of the pattern on the surface of triple grip aluminum sheet is low, but the aesthetic performance is good. The triple grip aluminum plate is also called as 3 bars aluminum sheet, the 3 willow leaf pattern arranged in parallel, and has a short pattern length (5mm-10mm) and a low height, and has a good decorative effect. Aluminium sheet triple grip is mainly used for anti-skid and decorative materials.

triple grip aluminium sheet

The specification of triple grip aluminium sheet is the same as other patter aluminum checker plate, like aluminum diamond plate and 5 bar aluminum plate, the thickness 0.3mm-8.0mm, the aluminum grade and temper of triple grip aluminum sheet are 1070, 1060, 1050, 3003, 5083, 6061 H16, H14, H24, H26, H18. In the process of use, same as other aluminum checker plate, triple grip aluminum plate can play a non-slip effect, mainly applied to the anti-skid of the ground or work platform, and has a good heat insulation effect. Haomei Aluminum have experience on 3 bars aluminum sheet manufacturing and export for more than 20 years, you can trust our product quality and great price!


Due to the small overall consumption, the company’s warehouse has not the triple grip aluminium sheet¬†product inventory at present. If you need to confirm, you can provide samples. There are three bars, five bars, pointer type, diamond pattern and other aluminum checker plates in Haomei Aluminum, we offer two kind of product method of coated and non-coated film aluminum checker plates, which can be mirror-finished or oxidized.