23 Nov 2020
November 23, 2020

Tread Aluminum Coil Factory

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Haomei is a famous and professional tread aluminum coil factory in China, which have over 20 year experience on manufacturing and exporting. The aluminum tread plate are basically the most widely used among all material tread plates. The uses of tread aluminum plates are basically included in all areas of life. Before we buy aluminum tread plate or coil, we must understand the standards of aluminum checkered plate clearly.

tread aluminum coil factory

Aluminum tread plate standard stipulates the technical requirements, inspection rules, packaging, marking and quality certificate of the aluminum tread plate plate. It is suitable for diamond pattern, 2 bars pattern, 3 bars patter, 5 bars pattern, stucco embossed patter, orange peel patter and round bean-shaped pattern aluminum tread plate. Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Checkered Plates standard stipulates requirements for aluminum and aluminum alloy checkered plates, test, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, storage contract content, etc.; applicable to construction, vehicles, ships, aircrafts, etc. anti-slip aluminum and aluminum alloy single-sided checkered plates.


After knowing the national standard of aluminum tread plate, we can inspect the product quality of tread aluminum coil factory. We have to understand the current price of aluminum tread plate more clearly, which can better buy the checkered aluminum plate. If you want to buy high quality aluminum tread plate with high standard, you can contact us Haomei to get the quality certificate and quotation, for we have rich experience, we can ensure the product quality, as well as we can offer your good price.