Thermal insulation aluminium sheet for pipeline maintains the temperature and ensures that heat is not lost during production in construction, power and chemical industry. In today’s rapid development of electric energy, whether thermal power plants or nuclear power plants are springing up, there is such a process in the electric power infrastructure industry, that is the insulation of thermal pipes and equipment, the application of thermal insulation aluminum sheet coil is very extensive.

thermal insulation aluminium sheet

When you walk into the power plant, the first thing that comes to your attention is the various pipes wrapped in the outer jacketing of the insulation aluminum sheet coil. From heat pipes, fan ducts to air conditioning pipes, there will be insulation aluminum sheet coils. The insulation aluminum sheet coil wrapped thermal wool, the appearance looks neat, smooth and bright. There are quite a lot of thermal power pipelines in the power plant, which are staggered in the steam engine room and the boiler room, the length adds up to several tens of kilometers. The 1060 and 3003 thermal insulation aluminium sheet coil are usually used in the construction of pipeline with low cost, light weight and high performance.

In the power plant equipment, large-area insulation aluminium sheet coils are also used to wrap Important equipment such as electric dust removal, induced draft fans, steam turbines, steam feed pumps, deaerators, high and low pressure heaters, etc. The equipment is wrapped in layers of rock wool, and the outermost layer is inlaid with a thin layer of thermal insulation aluminium sheet coil. Therefore, the application of thermal insulation aluminum coil in power plants is very extensive. Where there are equipment and pipelines, there are thermal insulation aluminum sheet coils.