The aluminum roofing sheet is a plate that is located on the roof of the house and can directly bear the roof load. The aluminum roof sheet is usually made of aluminum, magnesium, manganese alloy. We mainly supply 1100, 3003 and 3004 alloy for roofing. It could be mill finished or color coated, depends on the customers’ requirements.

aluminum roofing sheet

Using 3004, 3005 aluminum magnesium manganese alloy base coil material and fluorocarbon coating coil material, the aluminum roofing sheet can be pressed directly in the construction site. It has excellent processability, beauty and excellent waterproof property. The roof with aluminium roofing sheet is very consistent with the long-span roof system, multi-function roof system, double deck roof system, large slope roof system and so on. Because the aluminum roofing can fully meet the various choices of architectural design concept. Aluminum roofing  sheet have gradually replaced the development trend of color steel sheet and other metal roof sheets. The chemical properties make aluminum magnesium and manganese alloy has super weather-ability, super corrosion resistance and pollution resistance, it can withstand extreme weather conditions, not affected by ultraviolet and temperature difference, the appearance is fresh and have long service life.