We may use fridge everyday, but you may do not know that the evaporator of fridge adopts stucco embossed aluminium than other materials, many fridge manufacturers choose aluminum alloy than other metal in recent years. Therefore, there are must be some advantages of stucco embossed aluminum. Here we talk about the advantages that stucco embossed aluminium has.

stucco embossed aluminium

1, In terms of cooling speed.
In accordance with the principles of physics, the thermal conductivity of aluminium is 237W/mK, the thermal conductivity of iron is 80W/mK, the greater the value of thermal conductivity, the better the thermal performance, the faster the cooling rate under the same conditions, the better the cooling effect. The stucco embossed aluminum evaporator has cooling rate three times that of the wire tube evaporator. A small experiment can be given, a drop of water is dropped on the embossed aluminum sheet in the freezer refrigerator, and it becomes ice in 5 seconds.

2, In terms of the material.
Although the aluminum cost five times of the iron, the recycling price is higher too, chose the high cost stucco embossed aluminum sheet in evaporator is because the aluminum evaporator has the best cooling effect.

3, In terms of the solder joints and corrosion resistance.
There are many solder joints in iron evaporator, the freezer drawer long-term contact with the iron solder joints, the paint layer on the surface of the evaporator will be wiped, once the paint layer is open, the iron will rust, and falling paint into the food will endanger to human health. Once the solder joint breaks open, the refrigerant will leak and the refrigerator will be scrapped. The stucco embossed aluminium sheet evaporator surrounds the surface of refrigeration pipe without any solder joints, the refrigerant will never leak, safe and healthy!

4, In terms of bearing capacity.
The refrigerator freezer drawer is fully in contact with the stucco embossed aluminium evaporator. The cooling area is large and the cooling is even. Because of the even force, the embossed aluminum evaporator has a load-bearing capacity of up to 30 kg.