Whether it is stucco aluminum sheet or ordinary aluminum alloy material, there is a very important process, that is the surface treatment. The application of stucco aluminum sheet in the construction industry has been particularly extensive, especially for building materials. Therefore, the aesthetics of aluminum embossed sheet are even more noticed. Now more manufacturers are more concerned with the aesthetic appearance of aluminum sheet. There are many mainstream surface treatment process.

stucco aluminum sheet

1: electrophoretic paint.
After the stucco aluminum sheet is treated in this way, the surface will be smooth and the corrosion resistance is greatly enhanced.
2: powder electrostatic spraying.
This process is characterized by enhanced corrosion resistance of the stucco aluminium sheet, and for some acid-base salts, the performance of embossed aluminum sheet is superior to oxidation-colored profiles.
3: multi-tone surface treatment.
Nowadays, in order to better use the stucco aluminium sheet, various color treatments naturally occur, so that the color of the embossed aluminum plate can be further improved, and the decoration effect is better.
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