19 Sep 2022
September 19, 2022

Steam Line Aluminum Cladding

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The appearance of the steam line aluminum cladding is beautiful, smooth, and can be well adapted to the use of pipeline thermal insulation packaging. Steam line aluminium cladding coil has good effects of anti-corrosion, rust, dust, heat insulation and thermal insulation, and prolongs the service life of the pipeline. The aluminum cladding material is generally used for the insulation of steam pipes, such as industrial boiler steam pipes, power plant steam pipes, industrial equipment heat transfer oil pipes and high temperature gas chemical pipes.

steam line aluminum cladding

The steam line aluminum cladding has wide application and low cost. The outer protective layer of the pipeline is constructed to protect the thermal insulation material from seasonal or external damage and prolong the thermal insulation life. Due to the good thermal insulation effect of aluminum cladding for pipe insulation, it is often used on pipes or electronic appliances. The thermal insulation aluminum cladding not only has good thermal insulation effect, but also has certain corrosion resistance.


The advantages of steam line aluminum cladding are:

1, Durable function of thermal insulation aluminum cladding.

The thermal insulation aluminum cladding has the properties of rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Compared with the white iron sheet, the thermal insulation aluminum jacketing has a longer service life, can better adapt to the outdoor environment, is not easy to corrode, and has a beautiful surface, so many electric power and chemical companies now use aluminum cladding insulation material.


2, The fire insulation, heat insulation function and fire resistance function of the thermal insulation aluminum cladding are also very good.

The thermal insulation aluminum cladding coil will not melt when exposed to high temperature, but will form a porous charcoal with less smoke, strong resistance to ignition and flame extension; even if the thermal insulation aluminum coil is exposed to fire or high temperature, because of its excellent thermal insulation function, it is only Its surface heats up rapidly, quickly produces coke to resist flame extension and protect the inner core from burning.


3, The cost of thermal insulation aluminum cladding for steam line

The density of the thermal insulation aluminum sheet is low, so the quality of the thermal insulation aluminum sheet under the same area is lighter, the recycling value is high, and the service life of the thermal insulation aluminum sheet is 3-5 times that of the white iron sheet. In terms of service life, users can save a lot of labor and material costs.