The solar reflective aluminium sheet used in the field of solar energy has the requirements of corrosive protection and high reflectivity. Because of the special material requirements, the ordinary mirror reflective aluminum sheets can not be used. Solar reflect mirror aluminum sheet is mainly used in outdoor use such as solar collector photoelectric and solar collector.

solar reflective aluminium sheet

As the typical green new energy on the world, the solar energy has wide application, as been used in solar energy, the reflective aluminium mirror sheet have the product features as:

1) Reflectivity higher than 85%
2) Indoor grade materials can only reflect visible light from 380nm to 780nm
3) Outdoor grade materials reflect light at wavelengths from 300nm to 2500nm, including important infrared
4) Unique CPC(Compound Parabolic Concentrators) feature, its advantage is that it has good concentrating performance.
5) Excellent scratch resistance, it has been proved that if there is dust on the surface, it can be cleaned directly with a rag, without worrying about the surface.
6) Superior high temperature resistance, after the test of 98 ° hot water for 72 hours, the protective layer showed no signs of falling off.
7) Great anti-UV performance, test UVC ray with wavelength 254 nm for 24 hours, there is no damage on the surface.
8) Good anti-bending ability, after bend, the surface of mirror aluminum sheet for solar reflector has no tear on the surface.
9) Salt spray resistance, after salt test, the total light reflection is reduced by less than 0.5%, and there is no pitting corrosion on the surface.
10) Great weatherability, because most of the solar reflector is set outside, so the resistance ability of weather should be good.


This solar reflective aluminium sheet product is outdoor grade mirror aluminum plate for solar trough solar thermal power generation, solar energy gathering appliances and reflective products for general outdoor use.