16 Sep 2019
September 16, 2019

Shipbuilding aluminum 5086 suppliers china

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Haomei is one of famous shipbuilding aluminum 5086 suppliers china, we have DNV certification of our marine grade aluminum alloy. Shipbuilding aluminum 5086 belongs to anti rust aluminum alloy together with 5083, 5052 and 5754 aluminum. Anti-rust aluminum plate refers to an aluminum plate which can exhibit good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, water, oil and other media. The anti-rust aluminum plate is generally used in marine and ship, among which 5086 anti-rust aluminum plate is an important aluminum alloy products in shipbuilding.

shipbuilding aluminum 5086 suppliers china

The rust-proof 5086 aluminum plate belongs to the 5000 series Al-Mg alloy, and the magnesium content generally does not exceed 7%. As the magnesium content increases, the alloy strength will also increase, and the plasticity will decrease. The rust-proof 5086 aluminum plate is usually annealed and cold hardened or semi-cold for use in hardened state. Due to the action of magnesium, the density of the 5086 aluminum plate marine grade is larger than that of other aluminum plates and has very good corrosion resistance.


According to the content of magnesium, shipbuilding aluminum 5086 suppliers china divide the rust-proof aluminum plate into three categories: lower magnesium content, medium magnesium content and higher magnesium content. Among them, the lower magnesium content is not heat-treated and the low-strength aluminum alloy, it has good weldability, excellent performance in the marine environment. The rust-proof aluminum plate with medium magnesium content is generally used for manufacturing pipes, containers, etc. with high plasticity and corrosion resistance, And ust-proof aluminum plates with high magnesium content, which are generally used for ordinary welding pipes, liquid containers and the like. The shipbuilding aluminum plate 5086 is an aluminum alloy product with low magnesium content and resistance to the marine environment and climate.