30 Dec 2019
December 30, 2019

Ship aluminum plate manufacturer

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Ship aluminum plate manufacturer¬†China Haomei supply marine grade aluminum plate 5083, 5086 with DNV and CCS certification for shipbuilding. 5083 and 5086 marine aluminum plate is one of the new products of 5000 series aluminum-magnesium alloy. Because of its high strength, stress resistance and corrosion resistance, it can adapt to the marine environment. At the same time, it has low density of aluminum and good weldability. It makes it very easy to process and shape, so 5083 and 5086 ship aluminum plate is an industry’s “star of tomorrow” in the future marine economy.

ship aluminum plate manufacturer

5083 and 5086 marine grade aluminum plate is the main product to replace the current steel ship plate. Compared with steel ship plate, ship aluminum plate has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and long life. Therefore, it is regarded as a new type of key product promotion by the world ship plate manufacturing enterprises. Marine grade 5000 series ship aluminum plate have has medium strength, good corrosion resistance and formability, and high fatigue resistance.


In recent years, as shipbuilding industry has carried out many technological transformations and product developments, shipbuilding capacity has significantly improved. The production and sales of ship aluminum plates have been increasing year by year, coupled with emphasis on marine economic development and policy support, the demand for ship aluminum plates has continued to rise. For the manufacturing industry, steel plate companies and ship aluminum plate manufacturer¬†are working hard to improve scientific and technological research and development efforts, especially aluminum processing companies’ R & D and production of 5083 marine aluminum plates, which is currently the top priority of aluminum plate manufacturing.