06 May 2022
May 6, 2022

Sheet Metal Finishes

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Aluminum sheet metal is one of the most common materials at present, and aluminum will do some sheet metal finishes treatment on its surface before use to prolong its service life. So, what are the sheet metal finish treatment processes of aluminum alloys? The following editor will introduce to you four common aluminum sheet metal surface finish treatment processes.

sheet metal finishes

1, High-gloss mill finish

Use a precision engraving machine to working on the surface of the aluminum sheet metal, so that these surfaces show bright areas. This kind of processing technology is generally used on mobile phones and high-end TVs, especially those high-end TVs, making the appearance of the TV more fashionable and showing a sharp sense of technology.

2, Sandblasting finish

This process uses the impact of high-speed sand flow to clean and roughen the surface of the aluminum sheet, so that the surface of the aluminum alloy can obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness. The mechanical properties of aluminum sheet metal can be improved by sandblasting, which not only improves the fatigue resistance of aluminum alloy products, but also increases the adhesion and durability of aluminum alloy products and surface coatings.

3, Brushed finish

This process refers to repeatedly grinding and scraping the surface of the aluminum sheet with sandpaper until the lines are scraped out. There are many types of brushed drawing, such as straight, random, linear, spiral and so on. After brushing, each line can be clearly seen on the aluminum sheet metal surface. At the same time, the metal frosting of aluminum sheet products will show a fine hairline luster, making aluminum alloy products more fashionable and scientific.

4, Mirror finish

This process refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical methods to polish the surface of aluminum sheet metal finishes products to reduce the surface roughness of aluminum sheet metal products and make the surface of aluminum sheet products more flat and bright. The surface effect of mirror polished finish aluminum sheet products is close to the mirror effect of stainless steel, which can give people a very high-end fashion visual effect.