14 Feb 2020
February 14, 2020

Sheet aluminum alloy price list

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As a large-scale aluminum sheet manufacturer, Haomei Aluminum tells you that there are many factors influencing the price of sheet aluminum alloy price list. Such as market aluminum ingot price, aluminum sheet specification, manufacturer size and so on. Haomei mainly produce aluminum sheet alloy from 1000 series to 8000 series, which has high quality and performance, at the same time, the product cost is low. The influencing factors of aluminum sheet price are as follows.

sheet aluminum alloy

1, Market price of aluminum ingot

The market price of aluminum ingot fluctuates every day, and the price of aluminum ingot decreases. At this time, the price of aluminum sheet purchased is cheaper than the previous day, so the fluctuation of market price of aluminum ingot affects the price of aluminum sheet plate.

2, Specification of sheet aluminum

There are many kinds of aluminum alloy sheet. The specific alloy and specification of the said aluminum sheet need to be determined. The processing technology of 1000 series of pure aluminum is simple, the cost is small, and the price is cheaper than that of 6000 series of complex aluminum sheets. For example, 6061T6 aluminum sheet and 2000 series aluminum sheet, the processing technology is complex, and the price is relatively expensive.

3, manufacturer size

There are many sheet aluminum alloy manufacturers. The strength of the manufacturers is different. Small aluminum sheet manufacturers invest less manpower and material resources. The cost is low. The price of aluminum sheet is relatively cheap. Large aluminum sheet manufacturers have high investment cost and slightly expensive price, but the quality of aluminum sheet is more guaranteed.

4, Market competition

There are many businesses on the market. In order to attract customers and seize market resources, the major businesses will launch different price strategies to compete. According to the number of businesses participating in the competition and the constraints of relevant departments on market competition, their prices are different. When there are many competitors, the competition is more intense, the price of sheet aluminum alloy fluctuates greatly, and there are few competitors, the competition of each manufacturer decreases, and the price is generally stable.