3003 rolled aluminum sheet are usually applied as the insulation material for pipe and the construction industry. In the new era, the construction industry has more and more requirements for the raw materials, the performance requirements of building materials must not only have aesthetics, durable performance, but also have certain insulation properties, especially in the cold regions. Due to the influence of the geographical environment, most of the walls in these areas are thicker than those in the warm places. In recent years, some of the previous insulation materials have been replaced by the new materials of thermal insulation aluminum sheet rolls.

rolled aluminum sheet

3003 thermal insulation aluminum coils are hot products in thermal insulation materials. There are a lot of advantages of insulation rolled aluminum sheets, the density of aluminum is small, so the quality of aluminum coil is light; the aluminum coil has the advantages of beautiful appearance; aluminum is not easy to be oxidized in air, and the service life is greatly improved compared with other materials. Thermal insulation rolled aluminum sheet 3003 is a representative product of 3000 series aluminum-manganese alloy, also called rust-proof aluminum coil, which is mainly used in the fields of pipes, building roofs and wall insulation materials. Generally, the insulation rolled aluminum sheet use 3003 aluminum with a thickness of 0.5 mm.