Reflective aluminum sheet for solar panel 1060 is mainly used in outdoor use such as solar collector photoelectric and solar collectors. Solar energy are a new type of inexhaustible and pollution-free green energy, solar energy has the characteristics of renewable and environmental protection, this advantage allows many countries focus on the development of solar energy in new energy industries.

reflective aluminum sheet for solar

Solar thermal power generation is an important aspect of solar thermal utilization. According to different heat collection methods, high-temperature power generation and low-temperature power generation are divided. This technology uses solar thermal power stations to focus solar radiant heat through hundreds of thousands of aluminum mirror sheet reflector collectors, heat the water in the boiler at the top of the tower, generate steam, and then drive the generator to generate electricity. This is the principle of using the reflective aluminum mirror sheet is focus the light reflection of the effective aluminum mirror sheet area to a point or a straight line, so the temperature at the focus is higher than other places. The temperature depends on the smoothness and reflectivity of the surface of the reflective aluminum sheet for solar panel. The mirror aluminum reflective sheet has a high solar reflectance and a higher temperature, which will has better energy saving effect.