Reflective aluminum sheet also called as mirror aluminum sheet or aluminum mirror sheet. In accordance with the external processing methods, reflective aluminum sheet an be divided into anodized mirror reflective aluminum sheet and ordinary reflective mirror aluminum sheet. The reflective rate of mirror reflective aluminum sheet is more than more than 86%. And it has high temperature resistance and can be recycled. In nowadays, aluminum reflective sheet shows great advantages than other materials in application and cost.

reflective aluminum sheet

Reflective aluminium sheet can be applied in integrated aluminum ceiling, matt aluminum, aluminum grille with complete metal texture, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant, environmental protection and other excellent features, while having a variety of special surface effects and colors, it can be easily cut, stamped, lightly stretched, or even directly screened. The high-reflectivity aluminum mirror sheet newly produced by our factory can achieve the effect of high refractive index and high light reflectivity through new processes without increasing the cost, and is widely used in lamps, advertising materials, solar reflective panels, decorative materials, etc. Haomei can supply free sample, and free cut to size in various thickness, width and length.