27 May 2022
May 27, 2022

Pre-finished Aluminum

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Since the pre-finished aluminum is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, it has good surface decoration, long weather resistance, and strong self-cleaning feature. The pre finished aluminum sheet have advantages of light weight, high strength, easy processing, impact resistance, fire resistance, waterproof, good flatness, no chromatic aberration, uniform coating film thickness, environmental protection, etc., and will be favored by architects and owners.

pre-finished aluminum

The important point of the pre-finished aluminum sheet is that it adopts a continuous roller coating process, and the painting is completed at one time, so as to ensure that the product has good color uniformity and no color difference. The plain color of the pre-painted aluminum sheet is rolled twice and baked twice. The metal color can be coated for 3 times and baked for 3 times, or it can be coated for 4 times and baked for 4 times, so as to ensure that the color of coated aluminum sheet will not change color for a long time, and the luster is as ever.


Advantages of pre-finished aluminum sheets are:

1, High output.

Roller coating production is an automatic assembly line, the slowest speed is 20 meters per minute, the fastest is 60 meters, and there are more than 100 meters. Calculated with a thickness of 0.8mm aluminum sheet, 100 meters per minute, the output is 260 kilograms, and 125 tons of products can be produced in an 8-hour shift.

2, Save paint and energy.

The paint used by the equipment in the process of painting the aluminum sheet is recycled up and down, and there is little waste. One kilogram of paint can coat more than ten square meter aluminum sheets. After the spraying line, one kilogram of paint can only coat 4 square meter aluminum sheets, and most of them fall into the sink and waste. Roller coating line ovens are compact and bulkier than spray line ovens, saving a lot of energy for heating.

3, The paint surface of the pre-finished aluminum is more delicate.

In some delicate decorative boards, the paint surface is required to be fine, and the pre-rolled aluminum sheet is one of the best processes. The sprayed plate is prone to “orange peel” pitting on the surface, which is not the case with pre-roller coating.