The application of power plant aluminium coil cladding 3003h14 in the industrial field is very extensive, especially in the power industry, it occupies an important position. Aluminium coil cladding for thermal insulation has the functions of saving energy, reducing heat loss, meeting the production process requirements of power plants, ensuring equipment, production, and personal safety, improving working environment, and improving economic benefits. It is an important part of power plant construction. Therefore, thermal insulation aluminum cladding coil of power plants is very necessary.

power plant aluminium coil cladding 3003h14

Power plant aluminium coil cladding 3003h14 is now the new darling of pipeline anti-corrosion and heat preservation. As the new darling, aluminum cladding will definitely have great advantages in properties or chemical properties. So what are the advantages?

Generally speaking, the density of aluminum cladding insulation is relatively small, so the quality is relatively light. Therefore, aluminum cladding for insulation is very easy to process and operate. This is also the reason why aluminum coil cladding 3003 h14 has been leading the sales in the insulation industry for so many years. To put it bluntly, now the pipeline insulation aluminum cladding has basically completely replaced the iron cladding. So the insulation aluminum cladding is so hot now, what is its corrosion resistance?


The corrosion resistance of power plant aluminium coil cladding 3003h14 is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1, The density of aluminum cladding is relatively light. The higher the purity of the aluminum cladding, the greater the oxidation reaction in contact with the air, and the surface will form a very thin and dense oxide film. And generally speaking, the chemical reaction is faster than other metals, and the thickness of the film should be thicker. This layer of film can better avoid the contact between the internal tissue and the microorganisms and moisture in the air.

2, The mechanical strength of the aluminum cladding, we will find that the stronger the corrosion resistance of the aluminum cladding, the lower its mechanical strength will be, so in order to better solve this problem, trace amounts of rare elements can be added to the aluminum cladding, for example: manganese, magnesium and other elements. This not only increases the hardness of the aluminum cladding, but also makes its mechanical strength a little larger, which greatly increases its corrosion resistance.

3, For the coating of aluminum cladding, there are various materials for you to choose, for example, poly-kraft paper, poly-surlyn film, adding the beautiful performance of aluminum cladding, the cost price will increase.

4, Finally, in general, there is basically no waste of aluminum cladding, even if there is, it will be very little, because it is wrapped on the pipe, and does not need any special equipment, light weight and easy to operate. So choosing aluminum cladding is economical and affordable.