26 Jun 2019
June 26, 2019

Powder coating aluminum sheet

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The powder coating aluminum sheet is made by high-speed static powder spraying process, which is safe, environmentally friendly and resistant to corrosion. The powder coated aluminium sheet has the advantages of low cost, beautiful color and less color difference. Most of the powder coated aluminum sheet are used in the roofing, so the quality requirement is strict.

powder coating aluminum sheet

The plate shape of the colored powder coated aluminum sheet should be flat, without wavy edge and loose edge phenomenon. It is required that the surface of the powder coated aluminum sheet has no slag, bubbles, impurities and the like, which affects the bad phenomenon of the plate surface. There should not has the problem of the color difference of the coating between the different batches, and the color difference is generally required to be controlled within 0.3.

Haomei can supply high quality rolling coating and powder coating aluminum sheet, the alloys are 3003, 3004 and 3005, the coating has PE and PVDF, the coating characteristics are:
1, Excellent weather resistance and UV protection ability.
2, Very good color and gloss durability.
3, Good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.
4, Excellent malleability.
5, Double coating system (uniform color), including primer and topcoat
6, Coating thickness is about 25 microns.