15 Aug 2022
August 15, 2022

Piping Insulation Specifications

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Piping insulation specifications generally used for pipe insulation aluminum jacket is 0.3-1.0mm thickness, 0.5mm and 0.6mm aluminum jacket are the most commonly used specification in the pipeline insulation industry, and our company’s 0.4mm aluminum jacketing and 0.8mm aluminum jacketing are also deep popular by the market. The piping insulation jacketing is strictly implement national standards, high quality and low price. Haomei Aluminum can produce 1060 series (pure aluminum jacket), 3003 series (rust-proof aluminum jacket), 5005, 5052 series (corrosion-resistant aluminum jacket) and other series. The piping insulation aluminum jacket product has a beautiful appearance, smooth and clean. It can be well adapted to the use of pipeline insulation packaging, with 20 years warranty in natural environment.

piping insulation specifications

The aluminum piping insulation specifications should not be too thick, too thick to be difficult to operate, and not too thin, too thin to have no effect on heat preservation. The commonly used thickness is about 0.5mm and the width is 1m. Small aluminum pipe insulation jacketing rolls are commonly used, each roll is about 50 meters, and two people can lift it, which is convenient for work. Of course, the pipe insulation jacket thickness is selected according to the diameter of the pipeline. The principle is that the smaller the diameter of the pipe, the thinner the thickness is. The alloy generally uses 1060 material, accounting for 70% of the construction volume, and 30% of customers choose 3003 grade. The difference between the 1060 and 3003 grades is that the 1060 thermal insulation aluminum jacket is a pure aluminum, the 3003 alloy grade is an alloy aluminum, and the 3003 thermal insulation aluminum jacket contains 1.0-1.5% of manganese alloy. This product has higher corrosion resistance.


When the worker is doing cutting and insulation construction, he always hopes that the flatter the aluminum pipe insulation jacket is, the better it can be used. Only in this way can the wrapped pipes and tanks be beautiful. When the aluminum jacket is not flat, especially when the package area is relatively large, it will be It produces uneven effect, which affects the appearance, so the flatter the thermal insulation aluminum jacket, the better!


Excellent aluminum piping insulation specifications needs to have a smooth surface, without oil pollution, color difference, oxidation spots and other problems. At the same time, the thermal insulation aluminum skin should be suitable for wrapping and wrapping on the pipe, and can be better pressed, with uniform thickness, and the same thickness of the aluminum skin. The tolerance should be controlled within 0.02mm, only such a product can become a high-quality thermal insulation aluminum jacket for pipe insulation.