10 Dec 2019
December 10, 2019

Painted aluminum sheet metal suppliers

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Painted aluminum sheet metal suppliers in China offer color coated aluminum product with 3003 and 3004 aluminum alloy and various colors. Painted aluminum sheet has wide application and has good market reputation because of easy processing, long service life, light weight, low price, clean and antifouling coatings, rich colors and environmental protection. The non adhesion of coating film makes it difficult to attach pollutants on the surface, and it has a good cleaning property. The installation and construction are convenient and fast, the color coated aluminum sheet is formed in the factory, and does not need to be cut at the construction site. Painted aluminum sheet is recyclable and beneficial to environmental protection, it can be 100% recycled, different from glass, stone, ceramics, aluminum plastic plate and other decorative materials.

painted aluminum sheet metal suppliers

The types of color coated aluminum sheet include polyester coated aluminum (PE) and fluorocarbon coated aluminum (PVDF). Polyester painted aluminum sheet is a kind of UV-resistant coating. Polyester resin is made of monomers containing high-molecular-weight polymers with ester bonds in the main chain with Alkyd resin added. UV absorbers can be divided into matte and specular series according to their glossiness, which are particularly suitable for interior decoration and advertising boards.


Fluorocarbon coated aluminum sheet is a mixture of fluorocarbon resin, pigment, alcohol ester solvent and additives with fluoroalkyne as the basic monomer. After the film is baked at high temperature, the molecular structure in the coating is compact and has strong weather resistance. Painted aluminum sheet metal suppliers fluorocarbon coatings divided into traditional fluorocarbon and nano-fluorocarbon coatings according to the surface film-forming structure. It is especially suitable for the decoration and display of indoor and outdoor decoration, commercial chains, exhibition advertising in public places.