30 Aug 2023
August 30, 2023

Mirrored Sheet

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Generally speaking, the more popular aluminum alloy of mirrored sheet are 1060 aluminum plate, 3003 aluminum plate, 1070 aluminum plate, 1085 aluminum plate, and so on. These models are relatively popular mirrored aluminum sheet models. Moreover, because the technology of mirrored aluminum sheet is not particularly complex, it is also popular in terms of performance. Therefore, these models can be regarded as commonly used and hot-selling models in the mirror aluminum sheet industry.

mirrored sheet

Advantages of produced mirrored sheet aluminum:

Speaking of these, as representatives of domestically-produced mirror aluminum sheet processing, we have to mention the advantages of domestication in aluminum sheet mirror processing. To put it simply, the most important and also what friends are concerned about is that the cost can be effectively reduced. In fact, the equipment yield cost and material costs are relatively favorable for procurement, so mirror aluminum sheets have this significant advantage. Of course, this is the core advantage of the localization of mirror aluminum sheets.


The price of aluminum mirrored sheet is generally a concern for friends. Actually, it is the same as ordinary aluminum sheets, which are based on the price of the Yangtze River Nonferrous A00 aluminum as the main aluminum ingot. Moreover, because mirror aluminum sheet are mostly made from aluminum sheets with excellent performance, different raw material costs will result in different errors, so the prices of different mirror aluminum sheets will also be different.