11 Mar 2022
March 11, 2022

Mirror Finish Sheet Metal Pricelist

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If you want to get mirror finish sheet metal pricelist, I believe Haomei Aluminum can to a trust worthy manufacturer who offer you high quality and good price. Haomei Aluminum produces mirror finished aluminum sheet metal with 1000 series pure aluminum(1100 aluminum sheet, 1050 aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum sheet) and 3000 series aluminum alloy(3003 aluminum sheet), with mature production technology and guaranteed quality, Haomei Aluminum’s mirror finish sheet mtal aluminum product won good reputation by customers all over the world!

mirror finish sheet metal pricelist

If the production process of mirror finish aluminum sheet products is analyzed, then we can roughly divide it into two processes: rolling and grinding. Of course, there are also some other processes that are indispensable. But relatively speaking, these two are more important and more critical, so I will focus on these two here.

1, Rolling is a technique used to make the original sheet metal appear flat, and by using this technique, the aluminum sheet can be flattened. At the same time, if this technology is passed, the material can be stretched and elongated, and reach a certain standard in thickness and length, so as to facilitate subsequent deep processing and deformation.

2, Grinding is a more critical production link. Through such a link, we can see mirror finish aluminum sheet products that are smooth and mirror-like, which is probably the origin of the name of mirror aluminum sheet products. The function of grinding is to make the original unevenness on the plate smoother, and because the process is relatively delicate, it will not hinder the properties of the product itself.


The mirror finish sheet metal pricelist can be offered by Haomei Aluminum, so if you are interested in our mirror finished aluminum sheet product, please contact us by phone/whatsapp/wechat/email, we are ready to cooperate with you!