The mirror finish aluminum sheets are applied to the lamps and lanterns in the early age, especially commercial lighting, such as grille lamp, bracket lamp, outdoor lamp, floodlight, spotlight, aquarium lamp, etc. The mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet price on the market is related to the surface quality and reflectivity. The main role of mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet inside the lamps and lanterns are as reflector, usually called reflectors. Reflectors play a role in the lamps and lanterns is very crucial, can increase the light efficiency more than 60%.

mirror finish anodized aluminum sheets price

The mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet is a kind of high reflection energy saving material, mainly used in high-efficiency fluorescent grating lamps. This alloy of mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet are 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003, the product has the high reflection, the high spectrum choice performance superiority. Anodizing is equivalent to the protection of mirror polishing, generally, the effect of anodizing will be better after polishing the bright surface, and there are different colors to choose in the anodizing process, and it is not easy to scratch to protect the mirror finish aluminum sheet surface.

After asking for the mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet price, we should continue to know the performance and the quality of the products. The features of qualified mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet are:
Price stability, cost savings
High reflectivity, energy saving
Lightweight and easy to shape
The surface is hard and not easy to scratch
Can be processed directly without pretreatment