The mirror finish aluminum alloy 6061 are used in many fields as reflector in lighting and solar energy and as decorative material in decoration industry. We can find that the mirror reflect surface can play a very good role in the application. In lighting industry, the highly reflective surface helps to save energy, in decoration industry, the bright finish surface has quite good decoration effect.

mirror finish aluminum alloy 6061

In terms of its decorative role in the decoration application, its mirror finish has good performance for the following reasons:
1, the texture is unique.
The mirror finish aluminum is a unique aluminum plate with a mirror surface. The appearance is very unique, which can give the product a unique texture in the decorative application, thereby visually improving the product grade and playing a good decorative role for the product.
2, good corrosion resistance.
With good corrosion resistance, the 6061 mirror aluminum plate is not easy to be eroded due to adverse factors in the environment, so that it can maintain a stable appearance, which has always been a very good decorative effect on the product.
3, long service life.
Thanks to its strength and other characteristics, the mirrored aluminum alloy 6061 can be used for a long-lasting application, thus ensuring that the decorative product always has an aesthetic appearance.


In addition, because the mirror finish aluminum alloy 6061 has excellent craftsmanship, it can meet the needs of different products in terms of form and specifications through simple and convenient processing, so that it can also play a good optimization guarantee for its decorative effect.