Mirror aluminum sheet for lighting are used as the reflect sheet for led lighting combined with high quality lighting and energy efficiency. 1060, 1100 and 3003 mirror aluminum reflector sheet are applied in led lighting reflect industry because of its light wight, low cost, high reflectivity over 85%. The lighting industry is the biggest application of aluminum mirror reflect sheet together with solar energy industry.

mirror aluminum sheet for lighting

The brightness level of the led lighting has a great impact on work efficiency. In the lighting market, energy efficiency determines the quality standard. Therefore, the combination of light bulb selection and control components is often the evaluation standard. But to achieve higher performance, the led lighting made of mirror aluminum reflector sheet can increase energy efficiency by up to 30%, and high-efficiency lighting concepts make energy-saving efficiency as high as 50% no longer rare. The reflection technology of the led lighting are indirect lighting, glare reduction, high-quality surface of LED lamps.

The reflective material of LED reflector is mainly mirror aluminum sheet, some of which are anodized to improve the light efficiency to improve the reflectance. LED is one of the most advanced products in the lighting industry. It is attributed to the constant innovation and transformation of manufacturers to improve the efficiency. Increasing the efficiency of lighting means more mirror aluminum sheet for lighting are used to increase the brightness. Products with special optical properties are innovative, energy efficient and ergonomically reflective.