07 Sep 2020
September 7, 2020

Mill finished aluminium sheet

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The mill finished aluminium sheet is also called as smooth aluminum sheet with good flatness, clean surface, accurate thickness. Generally the flatness can be controlled within a wire, the oxidation effect is very good, it is very suitable for mechanical panels. After processed, the double sided film effectively protects the surface of the product. Customers can go back to direct use without processing, which greatly save processing costs. Therefore, the aluminium sheet with mill finish surface is welcomed on the market.

mill finished aluminium sheet

The performance advantages of mill finished aluminium sheet are:

1, Eliminate internal stress

The heat-treatable and strengthened aluminium sheet products are all processed by electromagnetic vibration or stretching process. The residual internal stress is completely eliminated. It will not bend and deform during processing or force.

2, Oxidation coloring effect

The coloring effect of mill finish aluminium sheet is uniform. There are no spots or streaks on the surface (but the products of different manufacturers are under the same oxidation coloring process. The color may be slightly different. At this time, attention should be paid to adjust the chemical element ratio of oxidation coloring).

3, Bending performance

It can withstand sheet metal stamping inspection. The bending will not produce cracking phenomenon (limited to non-heat treatment strengthenable series).

4, Tissue compactness

The heat-treatable and strengthened series mill finished aluminium sheet products are produced in accordance with AMS specifications. They have also passed the ultrasonic process inspection. It is guaranteed that there are no sand holes, bubbles and impurities.