03 Apr 2023
April 3, 2023

Metal Cladding For Pipe Insulation

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Metal cladding for pipe insulation is more beautiful compare with other pipe insulation material, and among the metals used for pipe cladding, aluminum has better performance. Aluminum is a silver-white metal, after processing can have a high finish, very beautiful, aluminum processed into aluminum coils, with a bright silver-white metallic luster. Aluminum  cladding is used for pipe insulation construction, after the project is completed, the style is uniform, beautiful and generous, and it is a bright landscape. So, what are the benefits of aluminum cladding for pipeline insulation?

metal cladding for pipe insulation

1, The main purpose of pipe insulation aluminum cladding is to extend the insulation life. In rainy weather, there will be no water entering, with stable insulation and energy saving effect.

2, Corrosion resistance. Generally in places with strong corrosion, aluminum metal cladding for pipe insulation will be used as an outer sheathing for example, galvanized iron and iron used in the same place compared with aluminum cladding, in places with strong corrosion, galvanized iron will rust first, while aluminum will not rust, so the advantages are obvious.

3, Aesthetics. As the saying goes, “Buddha relies on gold, people rely on clothes”. If the outer surface wrapped a layer of aluminum cladding for pipe insulation, the aesthetics of the pipe will greatly increase.


In addition, aluminum metal cladding for pipe insulation does not rust, long service life. Because the iron and zinc cladding is easy to rust, after a few years of use will gradually corrode and flake, enterprises need to re-built the pipe insulation project every few years, and the service life of aluminum cladding is much higher than iron, enterprises often only need to carry out a construction, you can rest easy.