Marine grade aluminium sheet for boat building has alloys of 5052, 5083 and 5086, which used for making boat, ship, yacht and vessels. Nowadays, the marine grade aluminum plate is used more and more widely in the shipbuilding industry. It has small self-supporting plates, large to 10,000 tons of wheels, from civilian to military, from high-speed hovercraft to deep-water submarines, from fishing boats to marine mining vessels. Alloy materials are used as ship shells, superstructures, various facilities, piping, and appliances.

marine grade aluminium sheet for boat building

There are many types of all-aluminum ships and aluminum alloy superstructure ships, and the demand for marine grade aluminum sheet alloy is increasing day by day. Shipbuilding with aluminum sheet material not only saves resources and energy, protects the environment, but also brings considerable economic benefits. The construction and working environment of the ship requires that the material should have good corrosion resistance, weldability, plasticity and certain tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, impact resistance and other properties. The most suitable aluminum alloys for satisfying these properties are industrial pure aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloys and 6-series aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys, such as 5052 aluminum sheets, 5083 aluminum sheets, 5086 aluminum sheet and 6061 aluminum sheets.


In recent years, marine grade aluminium sheet for boat building have attracted increasing interest. The application range of thick plate, medium plate, thin plate, strip, aluminum alloy tread plate, pipe, bar, profile, forged aluminum alloy is more and more wide, and the hull lightweight development is rapid.