21 Aug 2023
August 21, 2023

Marble Grain Aluminum Coil

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Marble grain aluminum coil combines all the advantages of new aluminum sheets, it achieves the realistic effects of marble patterns, and also has the advantages of light weight, easy construction, and smooth surface. The marble grain aluminum sheet abandons the drawbacks of the previously used PET film, which is prone to falling off, and directly uses fluorocarbon polyester coating, thereby breaking the bottleneck of being only used for indoor decoration in the past and extending the service life of marble grain color coated aluminum sheets.

marble grain aluminum coil

Weather resistance:

Directly roller-coated with fluorocarbon and high-performance polyester coatings, the colors formed after high-temperature baking are the natural color of the coatings rather than superficial “make-up” color. It has high gloss retention and color stability, with minimal color difference, and is durable in natural environments.


Mechanical properties:

The marble grain color coated aluminum sheet is made of high-quality aluminum material and high-grade polyester fluorocarbon coatings using advanced coating processes. The composite panel has the required bending and flexural strength for decorative panels. It will not cause bending, deformation, expansion, etc. under changing factors such as wind pressure, temperature, and humidity in all seasons.


Environmental friendliness:

Roller coating can achieve a utilization rate of 100% for coatings. The high-temperature baked colored marble pattern coatings do not leave or spread any harmful substances. The product resists acid and alkali corrosion, acid rain corrosion; it will not rot or generate mold, and never releases any harmful odor. It does not require repair painting and has no side effects on the environment.


Fire resistance:

Produced according to international regulations, the fire resistance of the product is not lower than B1 level, so users do not need to worry about fire protection issues. Once chosen, safety is guaranteed forever.



It is very easy to clean with regular methods, and the color does not fade even after repeated scrubbing. The maintenance is simple and cost-effective throughout its lifespan.



Marble grain aluminum coil can be conveniently processed and installed on-site using common cutting, edging, hole punching, and other tools.