26 Oct 2020
October 26, 2020

Jacketing aluminium for pipe

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Jacketing aluminium for pipe 1060 3003 has the advantages of high heat preservation efficiency and good energy saving effect. Insulation and anti-corrosion engineering is an important part of pipeline engineering. In order to increase the life of pipelines, reduce external factors such as temperature corrosion, and prevent possible dangers caused by external factors such as temperature corrosion. Insulation pipeline construction is to use aluminium jacketing sheet coils to make the temperature of the inside fluid cannot be affected by the indoor and outdoor air temperature. Such as steam pipes, air-conditioning air-conditioning, hot water pipes, winter water pipes, this type of pipe must be insulated.

jacketing aluminium for pipe

The jacketing aluminium for pipe is widely used in pipeline insulation packaging and has good advantages. The specific gravity of aluminum is 2.71, which determines that the weight of the aluminium jakceting per square meter is very light and will not increase the load-bearing burden of the pipeline too much. Because the aluminium jacketing for pipe has the characteristics of aluminum, the exterior is smooth and clean, which has a certain aesthetic effect. And there will be no rust. Aluminium jacket has relatively high plasticity and can be easily bent and wound for easy construction, which improve work efficiency greatly.


The ASTMB-209 1060 and 3003 jacketing aluminium for pipe insulation technology is more suitable for machinery and pipelines with irregular appearance. It has strong technical plasticity and can be constructed according to the appearance of machinery and pipelines. The thin aluminium sheet is tightly wrapped on the surface of machinery and pipelines without leaving gaps. The ring ratio of the pipeline to the outside temperature can achieve the expected heat preservation effect.