05 Sep 2023
September 5, 2023

Gold Mirror Aluminum

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The gold mirror aluminum is a hot sale product of aluminum mirror sheet with beautiful gold color and high reflectivity. Compared with silver color mirror aluminum sheet, gold mirror aluminum sheet have better decoration effect, so many customers prefer to purchase gold mirror sheet when applied to building decoration and home appliance. The  application range of aluminum gold mirror sheet are charging pile, aluminum busbar, radiator, chemical equipment, storage tank, electronic product shell, aluminum bottle cap, etc.


The product specification of gold mirror aluminum are:

Alloy: 1050, 1060, 1070, 1085, 1100

Temper: O, H

Alloy thickness that can be produced: 0.1-500mm

Ordering method: customized production according to demand

gold mirror aluminum

The performance characteristics of gold mirror aluminum sheet produced by Haomei Aluminum:

A: 1000 series aluminum mirror sheet belongs to industrial pure aluminum, with low density and high plasticity.

B: It has the unique properties of 1000 series aluminum alloy, strong electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

C: There are few impurities, which improves the continuity and corrosion resistance of the oxide film on the aluminum surface.

D: Corrosion resistance, contact welding and gas welding are acceptable.


During the production process of the gold mirror aluminum, the aluminum sheet needs to be electropolished and anodized and colored. Because the gold mirror aluminum sheet requires electrochemical treatment of the aluminum sheet during the production process, which has a greater impact on the chemical composition of the aluminum sheet. Therefore, the lower the impurity content in the aluminum sheet, the better. In this way, the aluminum sheet can only be achieved after electrolytic polishing and anodic oxidation. High color brightness and uniform oxidation color.