28 Apr 2023
April 28, 2023

Exterior Pipe Insulation Jacket

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The market metal exterior pipe insulation jacket basic uniform use of 1060 insulation aluminum jacket and 3003 insulation aluminum jacket coil etc. Pipe insulation aluminum jacket material used is H24 state or H18 annealed state. Pipe insulation after the adoption of the exterior package of aluminum jacket is no clear standard restrictions. The protective layer is easy to choose 0.5-0.8mm pure aluminum sheet or alloy aluminum sheet. Pipeline insulation aluminum jacket is widely used in liquid, gas transmission pipeline network, chemical pipeline insulation project petrochemical, centralized heat supply heat network, central air conditioning ventilation pipeline, municipal engineering, etc.

exterior pipe insulation jacket

Although it is said that the price of aluminum exterior pipe insulation jacket on the rate of some high, but we have to look at it all in the spirit of the long-term vision, pipe insulation aluminum jacket service life is about 7 to 8 years, or even longer use time. Pipe insulation aluminum jacket service life can reach 15 years if used indoors, if the surface of the fluorocarbon spraying or high temperature processing and other heating methods, even the insulation aluminum skin can be used to achieve the effect of 15 years. Insulation aluminum jacketing has a high corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, and insulation aluminum jacket it is not surface corrosion rot this situation, pipeline insulation aluminum jacket is damaged a situation is oxidation black, the appearance is not beautiful enough, but basically speaking does not affect the use of the effect. So from this point on the insulation aluminum jacketing sheet, in the service life, aluminum is three times more than iron, therefore, insulation aluminum jacket roll in the service life and its price is always equal.


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